After hearing a group of young Suzuki students perform, the
great cellist Pablo Casals said “…perhaps it is music that will
save the world”.

This event captures what I feel is so important about music
and the Suzuki method.  Dr. Suzuki insisted that his intent was
not to turn out concert artists but to develop children into noble
human beings through music.  His method provides a means
for all children to succeed in learning an instrument and to
develop into exceptional human beings.
My hope is that you and your
child will have a great experience
learning classical guitar together,
finding that the joy of music
brings happiness to all areas of
your life.  I am committed to you
and your child on this musical
journey—to help you learn and
enjoy music and music-making.  
Along the way I hope you will find
your child developing in both
music and other areas as well.

    Mike Zimmerman

My Teaching Philosophy